Image credit: sarahblocks, Pixabay license Image credit: sarahblocks, Pixabay license

Invited Talks

(5) Hase, V.(2022). Tracking-Daten als neuer “Gold-Standard”? Zur Messung von Mediennutzung via neuen methodischen Ansätzen. Public guest lecture as part of the seminar “Audience- and Opinion Research”. TU Dresden, 13. December 2022, virtual.

(4) Hase, V. (2021). The Crux of Cross-Platform Analyses: What Can and Can’t We Do with NLP Methods? Invited talk at the Trier Center for Language and Communication. 12. May 2022, Trier.

(3) Hase, V. (2021). The “Computational Turn” in Journalism Studies: A Review of “Text as Data” Approaches. Invited talk at the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES). 22. November 2021, virtual.

(2) Hase, V. (2021). Tracking Crises over Time: When to Use (or Avoid) Computational Methods. Panel input as part of the Crisis21 series organized by the Section “Risk & Crisis Communication” of the European Communication Research and Education Association. 4. June 2021, virtual.

(1) Hase, V. (2019). Automatisierte Inhaltsanalyse in der Journalismusforschung. Public guest lecture as part of the lecture “Journalism studies” at the University of Münster. 25. June 2019, Münster.

Dr. Valerie Hase
Dr. Valerie Hase
Postdoctoral Scholar / Akademische Rätin a.Z.