Image credit: Hermann, Pixabay license Image credit: Hermann, Pixabay license

Books & Editorships

(3) Hase, V., Bachl, M., & TeBlunthuis, N. (eds., in preparation). Understanding and Addressing Biases in Computational Social Science. Special Issue in Communication Methods and Measures. Link to CfP.

(2) Perreault, G., Foxman, M., Maares, P., & Hase, V. (eds., in preparation). Epistemologies of Digital Journalism Production. Special Issue in Digital Journalism.

(1) Haim, M., Hase, V., Schindler, J., Bachl, M., & Domahidi, E. (eds., 2023). Validity and the Four “R’s”: (Re-)Establishing Standards for Content Analysis. Special Issue in SCM – Studies in Communication and Media.

Dr. Valerie Hase
Dr. Valerie Hase
Postdoctoral Scholar / Akademische Rätin a.Z.