Dr. Valerie Hase

Dr. Valerie Hase

Postdoctoral Scholar / Akademische Rätin a.Z.

LMU Munich

Welcome! I am a Postdoctoral Scholar (Akademische Rätin a.Z.) at the Department of Media and Communication, LMU Munich. Taking a Computational Social Science (CSS) perspective, I study digital news & digital news use.

I am particularly interested in cross-platform perspectives, for instance: How can we employ digital trace data to understand information-seeking across platforms? How can we track the flow of information on social media? And what are potential biases of CSS methods for cross-platform approaches and beyond?

I also focus on crisis and conflict communication: In my Ph.D., I employed computational methods to study how news media cover crises: from terrorist attacks and terrorist groups to climate change and other fear-related topics.

My research is situated at the intersection of social science and computer science. It combines computational approaches (automated content analysis, data donations, web scraping) with traditional methods (manual content analysis, surveys, experiments).

I serve as a speaker for the Journalism Studies Division of the German Communication Association. As I am interested in improving CSS methods for communication research, I also co-founded the Computational Methods Working Group at the University of Zurich/ETH and the Methods Early Career Network of the German Communication Association (DGPuK). Moreover, I teach introductory course and workshops to R/Python, automated content analysis, and digital trace data.

For more information, download my CV.

  • Computational Methods
  • Digital News (Use)
  • Cross-Platform Approaches
  • Crisis Communication