Dr. Valerie Hase

Dr. Valerie Hase

Postdoctoral Scholar / Akademische Rätin a.Z.

LMU Munich

Welcome! I am a Postdoctoral Scholar (Akademische Rätin a.Z.) at the Department of Media and Communication, LMU Munich. Taking a Computational Social Science (CSS) perspective, I study digital news (use) and digital data/methods.

Related to digital news (use), I focus on the cross-platform flow of information and cross-platform news consumption. I also study crisis and conflict communication, specifically how news media cover terrorist attacks and terrorist groups, climate change, and other fear-related topics. I serve as a speaker for the Journalism Studies Division of the German Communication Association and am part of the Editorial Board of Digital Journalism.

Related to digital data/methods, my research is situated at the intersection of social science and computer science, with a focus on text-as-data methods, digital trace data, and bias in CSS. I am a PI in the interdisciplinary DFG projectIntegrating Data Donation in Survey Infrastructure: Quantifying, Explaining, and Addressing Errors in Representation and Measurement” (2024-2027). Moreover, I give method workshops on R/Python, automated content analysis, and digital trace data.

If you want to know more, please do reach out and send me an email!

For more information, download my CV.

  • Computational Methods
  • Digital News (Use)
  • Cross-Platform Approaches
  • Crisis Communication